• Indiabulls Tax Savings Fund will invest in companies that are / have strong brands.
  • Ideally companies that are segment leaders or challengers would be part of our portfolio.
  • Stocks would be picked up after detailed fundamental research study of industry, company, management visits and analysis of future prospects.
  • Portfolio would be built around prevailing market opportunities.
  • Higher prot margins & long term growth prospect.
  • High customer loyalty and bargain power.
  • Can enter new segments or markets.
  • Higher market valuations.
  • Generates substantial royalties through brand licensing.
Instruments Indicative allocation (% of Net Assets) (Minimum - Maximum) Risk Profle (High/Medium/Low)
Equity & Equity related instruments as per ELSS guidelines 80% to 100% High
Debt, Money Market instruments, Cash & equivalent 0% to 20% Low to Medium
Date of Allotment Within 5 business days from the closure of NFO
Fund Manager Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar & Mr. Malay Shah
Benchmark Index S&P BSE 500 Index
Load Structure Entry Load: Not Applicable; Exit Load: NIL
Plans Direct & Regular
Options Growth & Dividend
Minimum Application Amount 500 and in multiples of 500 thereafter;
500 and in multiples of 500 thereafter (For Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
Minimum Additional
Purchase Amount
500 and in multiples of 500 thereafter
Minimum Redemption Amount Minimum of 500 or account balance, whichever is lower and in multiples of Rs. 500 thereafter
SIP SIP facility is available
Lock-In-Period 3 years