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Investment Strategy

Indiabulls AIF has evolved as a preferred partner for prime developers as well as investors. Indiabulls Group has significant experience in developing and managing residential and commercial real estate. In addition to the significant expertise of the fund management team at IBAMC, the experience of investing and/or lending to the real estate sector through the NBFC/HFC business has been a key deliverable for the group last 15 years which gives the Indiabulls Group a great edge. We believe Indiabulls AIF has timed the market well, whereby Fund I - Indiabulls Real Estate Fund will deliver fixed returns in a market with falling interest rates while Fund II- Indiabulls High Yield Fund will enhance returns through increasing capital values. Recently launched, Fund III- Indiabulls Dual Advantage Commercial Asset Fund will acquire top quality commercial assets with an aim to provide regular rental income and capital appreciation to the fund.

Investment Strategy - IndiabullsAMC